With over 15 years experience in the aluminium window and door industry, GT has firmly established its position as “Specialist Designer & Fitter” of aluminium products.


• Durable and can last many years.
• Requires less maintenance than wood.
• Come in a large range of powder coated colour finishes.
• Offers strength to maximise safety and security.
• Resistant to harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain and warping caused by the sun.
• Recyclable.
• Large range of glass options with our aluminium products in terms of coloured glass, solar reflective glass, thickness and strength.
• Can be custom made to fit your requirements.



• Hinged along top horizontal edge to allow window to open outwards from the bottom.
• Aesthetically pleasing.
• Burglar bar options available.
• Durable handles and hinges.
• Available is different sizes, configurations and colour options.
• Low maintenance.
• Can be left partly open in bad weather to still allow fresh air into your home.


• Aluminium side hung casement window.
• Allows more ventilation in your home.
• Hinged along vertical edge to allow window to open sideways.


• Aluminium vertical / horizontal sliding window.
• Ideal for windows that have opening space constraints.
• Weatherproof.
• Strong and durable.
• Sliding window units can fit seamlessly with fixed pane window to suit your individual requirements.
• Can be Vertical Sliding: Windows slide open from top to bottom and vice versa.
• Can be Horizontal Sliding: Windows slide open from side to side.


• Can allow for up to 10 panels, so excellent for really large spaces that require glass.
• Durable rollers, handles and hinges for ease of use.
• Key locked for added security.
• AAMSA & SABS approved.
• Weatherproof with wool pile option.


• Modern stylish window with no visible corner joints.
• Ideal for areas where you do not want to obstruct your view.



• Available in single and double door options.
• Can be made to open either inwards or outwards (not as a swing door).
• Outer frame is made from strong extruded aluminium while the other section can be filled with glass or aluminium cladding (plate).


• Sliding doors are an economical use of space.
• Choice of door combinations that ensure design suitability for a variety of design applications.
• Available in a range of finishes.
• Range of side-light and top-light variations.
• Various interlocking configurations for various wind loading.
• Easy to install.
• AAMSA & SABS approved.


• Same application as Patio door, however aluminium sections are thicker and bulkier – suited for bigger openings.
• Option of window inserts and side-lights available.
• Key lock for added security.
• Available in a range of colours and design applications.
• AAMSA & SABS approved.
• Can accommodate both laminated safety glass and toughened safety glass.


• Most suitable product to maximize your walking space through an opening.
• Can allow for up to 10 panels, so excellent for really large spaces that require glass.
• Durable rollers, handles and hinges for ease of use.
• Key locked for added security.
• AAMSA & SABS approved.
• Weatherproof with wool pile option.


• A beautiful feature in the entrance to your home.
• Can be used on an opening as wide as 1.3m.
• Gives a large open space to walk through.

This letter serves to commend Brent Moyle and his team at GT Aluminium - with our deadline roaring towards us and no-one else willing or able to assist, GT Aluminium stepped in and with calm professionalism handled the situation. We required an aluminium curtain wall approximately six meters high and eight meters long with two ninety degree bends in it to be erected urgently. With delays from various sources time was running out. Our original aluminium contractor could only turn over a product in middle of August and to make matters worse the wall is part of a crèche and the children were set to arrive on the first of July. From the time Brent set foot on site he took control. His always friendly team of professionals moved in and turned over a beautiful product right on schedule.

I just want to praise GT Aluminium for their service. They have delivered the order within the promised time and always arrive when they say they will. The quality of the product is excellent and the prices have been very competitive. When we have a problem, they have been prompt about rectifying it. I would highly recommend them.

On behalf of Vivid Air and its management, we would like to thank GT Aluminium for their superb performance and quality over the last few years, we have found you to be very efficient and responsive in every contract we have dealt with you, your knowledge and support has been outstanding. We at Vivid Air are proud of our service and support and it is most pleasing to see that we are not alone in the industry, keep up the sterling work and support and we hope to do many years of service and business together in the future. You can certainly be proud of your name in the aluminium window and door industry.

GT Aluminium is a professional Company that has excellent quality products, efficient service, competitive prices and prompt delivery. The employees are always helpful, going out of their way for customer satisfaction.

Thanks for a job well done.
This was a bit daunting but we are really happy with the result.