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Types of Windows

Top Hung Casement Windows

Aluminium Top Hung casement window
  • Hinged along top horizontal edge to allow window to open outwards from the bottom
  • Can be left partly open in bad weather to still allow fresh air into your home
  • Is aesthetically pleasing in both contemporary and traditional house designs
  • Comes with burglar bar options
  • Durable handles and hinges
  • Available is different sizes, configurations and colour options
  • Low maintenance
Side Hung Casement Windows

Aluminium side hung casement window
  • Allows more ventilation in your home
  • Hinged along vertical edge to allow window to open sideways
Sliding Windows

Aluminium vertical / horizontal sliding window
  • Ideal for windows that have opening space constraints
  • Weatherproof
  • Strong and durable
  • Sliding window units can fit seamlessly with fixed pane window to suit your individual requirements
  • Can be Vertical Sliding: Windows slide open from top to bottom and vice versa
  • Can be Horizontal Sliding: Windows slide open from side to side
Stacking Windows

Aluminium sliding folding / stacking windows
  • Can allow for up to 10 panels, so excellent for really large spaces that require glass
  • Durable rollers, handles and hinges for ease of use
  • Key locked for added security
  • AAMSA & SABS approved
  • Weatherproof with wool pile option
Butt Joined Windows

Aluminium butt joined window
  • Modern stylish window with no visible corner joints
  • Ideal for areas where you do not want to obstruct your view
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