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Types of Doors

Hinge Doors

Aluminium Hinge door
  • Available in single and double door options
  • Can be made to open either inwards or outwards (not as a swing door)
  • Outer frame is made from strong extruded aluminium while the other section can be filled with glass or aluminium cladding (plate)
Sliding Patio Doors

Aluminium Patio Sliding Door
  • Sliding doors are on economical used space
  • Choice of door combinations that ensure design suitability for a variety of design applications
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • Range of side-light and top-light variations
  • Various interlocking configurations for various wind loading
  • Easy to install
  • AAMSA & SABS approved
Sliding Palace Doors

Aluminium palace sliding door
  • Same application as Patio door, however aluminium sections are thicker and bulkier - suited for bigger openings
  • Option of window inserts and side-lights available
  • Key lock for added security
  • Available in a range of colours and design applications
  • AAMSA & SABS approved
  • Can accommodate both laminated safety glass and toughened safety glass
Sliding Folding Doors / Stacking Doors

Aluminium sliding folding / stacking door
  • Most suitable product to maximize your walking space through an opening
  • Can allow for up to 10 panels, so excellent for really large spaces that require glass
  • Durable rollers, handles and hinges for ease of use
  • Key locked for added security
  • AAMSA & SABS approved
  • Weatherproof with wool pile option
Pivot Doors

Aluminium pivot door
  • A beautiful feature in the entrance to your home
  • Can be used on an opening as wide as 1.3m
  • Gives a large open space to walk through
Villa Sliding Doors

  • Soon to be launched product


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